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Welcome to the Events section of Redhead Agency

Redhead Agency is renowned for its outdoor dance festivals and club nights.
We organise events such as Red Carpet 500, La Vida Loca, The ADE DJ Marathon (ADE Playground), Kingsize Festival and business events like Red Corporate.

Redhead Agency can develop any marketing concept to promote your entire event.

We have a wide range of artists and decors. Applications from small to large to be converted by a creative team into a modern and comprehensive event tailor-made.

For more information, please feel free to contact us:


Redhead Agency


Redhead Agency is a booking, management and publishing agency runned by Jerry Wolff (CEO) and Jean-Paul Laffite (GM).
From a transparent approach, we provide our artists a personalized career plan.
This plan is tailored to the personal wishes, goals and possibilities of the artist.

It is our intention to expand the artist’ skills and talents through coaching, managing, and by offering them access to a large professional network rooted in multiple branches. Thus, we are able to support the artists in broadening their horizons.

By means of a brief introduction, this website provides you with an overview of the artists with whom we collaborate. Redhead agency welcomes suggestions, possible collaborations, and other new projects. Click here for our magazine.

Over the years Jerry and Jean-Paul built careers, opportunities and breakthroughs for artists such as Ross & Iba, DeAnte, Gizmo, Outsiders, Freddy Moreira, Backsnap, Dark Raver, Tony Junior, Lena Lewis, Lenny Ryan, Romanthony, Rockwellers, Ziggy, Irma Derby, Phat Baker, Gordon, Replay, Linda Wagenmakers, Georgina Verbaan etc.

In addition, we always look for a suitable brand for our artists or event to increase both popularity.
We have linked our artists & events to brands such as:


Redhead Publishing is the music publishing department of Redhead Agency with funds like:
Foxx Music Publishing, Future Body Publishing, Wemusic Publishing and catalogs and titels of composors such as Wolffman, Conro, Patexx, Rockwellers, Backsnap, Freddy Moreira, Tribal Kush, Ross & Iba, Recline, Yakki Famiri, Irma Derby, DeAnte and more.

Our goal as publishers is to maximize the worldwide use of our copyrights through sales of audio and video media, downloads, concerts, commercials, computer games, film, radio and television, synchronisation, the internet and mobile telephony.

Redhead Publishing is always looking for new composers, please send your demo’s to

Redhead Publishing is administrated by CTM Publishing.

Redhead Agency

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Opening hours

Monday to Friday:
From 10.00 till 18.00 CET
Saturday and Sunday Closed

General Manager

Jean-Paul Laffite
tel: +31 (0)35 71 22 760

Redhead Agency

P.O.Box 5277 2000 CG
Haarlem The Netherlands
tel: +31 (0)35 71 22 760

a division of
Wemusic Company

VAT nr: NL145349767B02
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Redhead Agency

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