AXA is not just a DJ, it’s an experience.

Once enterering the club scene he quickly made his name as DJ AXA. Winning several dj contests and spinning together with the biggest dj’s like Yellow Claw, Jean, Vato Gonzalez, and Alvaro made a huge impact on his career. Nowadays he is one of the most asked dj in the Dutch house scene, who also has multiple releases with names as burak yeter.

AXA played has played in the biggest clubs in the Netherlands. Clubs such as villa thalia, maassilo together with names as Sidney samson, Tony Junior and many more.

AXA started being a DJ when he was only 14 years old , playing at his fathers club where the biggest names of the edm scene started such as Afrojack, Hardwell, Chuckie, Blasterjaxx and many more.

AXA first started playing under the name Ssential but this has changed
because of the fact that Axa is getting more and more releases. Because of this Axa has just started with a new social media status. which currently is growing steadily.

AXA is dropping some big releases at labels like Spinnin’ & Zulu Records, be on the look for this guy!