Even after all those years Soulplane is still without a doubt the hottest vocal house sensation the Netherlands has to offer. ‘Soulful Vocal House’ is what these vastly experienced artists represent, and with their enthusiasm they blow up every venue.

Perhaps the intrinsic difference between both artists is what makes their collaboration so successful. The dynamic nature of DJ Wolffman merged with the vocal house sensation Irma Derby, is what truly makes the magic happen. These two inspirational musicians are not afraid to push each other to the next level. The dynamic between the two artists and the musical freedom they take make them challenge each other to top the other’s next track! Before teaming up, Wolffman and Irma Derby had already achieved worldwide success.

Wolffman’s success story as a DJ/Producer began in the early 90s, quickly gaining a reputation that has inextricably linked him to dance music, and he has never looked back since. In terms of studio productions, Wolffman has proven himself as well, scoring top 40 hits for himself and for artists such as Ross and Iba, Snoop Dogg, Timati, Rockwellers, Romanthony (Daft Punk), Kevin Lyttle, Pitbull, Fatman Scoop Victor Simonelli and others.

Irma Derby is unquestionably Holland’s most popular house vocalist, consistently delivering raw, uncompromising soulful dance vocals with worldwide hits for Plastic Funk, The Course (Ready or Not) and Central Seven (Big Fun).

Soulplane will be publishing hot new material soon.