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Redhead Agency is a world-renowned agency for artist management, bookings and music publishing.
For 3 decades we have been building successful carriers for various artists who achieved the status of 'A-artist' or Headliner.

The Agency has become known for its innovative approach to artist management and bookings, consistently delivering top-notch artist performances and events for music lovers around the globe.
The agency's dedication to its clients has earned it a reputation as a trusted and reliable partner in the industry.

With its experienced team and impressive roster of artists & clients, it's no surprise that Redhead Agency has become a go-to destination for those looking to book the perfect talent or act for their event or festival. Whether you're a looking for the best DJ performance, singer or live entertainment, Redhead Agency is sure to have something for you.

In addition, Redhead Agency also organizes various events.
We always welcomes suggestions, possible collaborations, and other new projects.

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    we maximize the worldwide use of our copyrights


    Redhead Publishing is the music publishing department of Redhead Agency with funds like:
    Foxx Music Publishing, Future Body Publishing, Wemusic Publishing and catalogs and titels of songwriters and composors such as Wolffman, Conro, Patexx, Rockwellers, Backsnap, Freddy Moreira, Tribal Kush, Ross & Iba, Recline, Yakki Famiri, Irma Derby, DeAnte, Jamez Levels, Jennifer Ewbank, Meadow and more.

    Our goal as publishers is to maximize the worldwide use of our copyrights through sales of audio and video media, downloads, concerts, commercials, computer games, film, radio and television, synchronisation, the internet and mobile telephony.

    Redhead Publishing is always looking for new songwriters and composers, please send your demo’s to

    Redhead Publishing operates in a joint venture with CTM Publishing.
    Click here to view our songwriter and composor roster.


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