Welcome to the music publishing department of Redhead Agency.

We operate in the industries of music publishing with funds like: Redhead Publishing, Foxx Music Publishing, Future Body Publishing, Pink Label Publishing & Wemusic Publishing.

Our goal as publishers is to maximize the worldwide use of our copyrights through sales of audio and video media, downloads, concerts, commercials, computer games, film, radio and television, synchronisation, the internet and mobile telephony.

In partnership with the leading independent publishing company CTM, we have has set up a collaboration to help songwriters, composors, producers and artists to capitalize on their own talent.

We do this by setting up studio sessions with other writers, organizing writing camps, pitching songs to artists and labels, and helping to find collaborations with other artists.
With an international infrastructure and offices all over the world, Redhead Publishing & CTM can support songwriters globally, both on a creative and administrative level.The complexity of copyright exploitation, registration and administration calls for an experienced company with a team that handles your copyrights with great care.

With a combined publishing expertise of over 25 years, Redhead Publishing and CTM make sure that songwriters & composors make the most out of their career and the copyrights they create.

We are always looking for new songwirters and composers, please send your demo’s to

Redhead Publishing
Emmastraat 21
1211 NE Hilversum
The Netherlands
Tel: +31 (035) 647 40 40