NICKY LOUWERS – exclusive world wide

Nicky Louwers has cemented her legacy in house music with exhilarating sets at global festivals and clubs, captivating audiences with her infectious energy. She expertly blends 90s soulful vocals with contemporary house beats, creating an immersive experience that spans eras.

Her 2023 releases, ‘Everybody’s Free’ and ‘The Soul’ (a collab with Wolffman), skyrocketed into Beatport’s top 5, boosting her global performance schedule.

Her new EP,The Story,’ pays homage to 90s dance music with a modern twist, featuring collaborations with legendary singer Thea Austin of SNAP. They created two hits, ‘The Story’ and ‘Rhythm Of My Heart,’ in just an hour, showcasing a perfect blend of house, funk, and soul.
Adding to the nostalgia, Nicky covers Shannon’s ‘Let The Music Play’ with a mysterious vocalist, sparking curiosity to the EP.

Recognized as the ‘ADE Best Female DJ of 2023,’ Nicky headlined at the Amsterdam Dance Event of 2023.

With her own label Nough Records and sunglasses line Vio Sunglasses, she shows that she is also an versatile entrepreneur in addition to being an artist.

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