Madd Asian -South America-

No. 1 DJ
Madd Asian is one of the most versatile artists of South America and voted as the no.1 DJ during the Su Music Award 2018.

His passion for music results in a pure energetic set, in which his performance makes Madd Asian a truly devoted performer.

Born in Surinam he was immediately introduced to Music! After being able to play with some old cd players of his uncle, his friends & brothers stimulate Madd Asian to discover the world of music – consisting of mixing tracks and adding his own style to them. Madd Asian fully dedicates all of his spare time into practising the Art of Dj-ing.
Strongly improving his skills, at the age of 16 Madd Asian was finally asked to be one of the residents of Club Starzz. By being able to please the audience and rocking the scene with his characteristic set, his booking amount grew. At the age of 18 Madd Asian became resident dj of club Touche & Club ZsaZsaZsu where he played and rocked the club for 4 years. In 2012 Mad Asian decided to be a free agent and Play for other clubs such as Club Next , AsiaDeSu ,22 Yards and all other cafe’s and clubs.
The mixtapes from Madd Asian are well described as being good and putting you in a good mood.
His uplifting, Trini Soca ,dancehall & urban club sounds combined with his energy and techniques makes Madd Asian a true talent and devoted to present his passion throughout his raw sets.

Capable of making the crowd get an overwhelming feeling of great happiness and joyful excitement.

Under the name ‘Boo-B’ Madd Asian had a big world wide club hit with his track
When We Pull Up in a collab with Shockman & Wolffman.

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