Fleur Vosse
Fleur Vosse is an international House DJ based in Amsterdam & Ibiza.
Her sets are filled with soulful, deep & funky house and some delicious disco beats.
 She brings everyone into motion with her high energy and good vibes.

Before touring the world as a DJ Fleur Vosse started her career as a dancer, model, performer and actress. As a club dancer she shared the stage with all the major house legends so she got inspired by House Music at a very young age.
She studied dance for several years and she became an entrepreneur at an early age, when she founded her company Vosse Entertainment where she provides styling, models and entertainment for many clubs, events and brands all over the world.

Her latest EP  “Flurious” is a brilliant showcase of her musical mind.
Each track on the EP is a testament to her love for soulful, deep & funky house.
With this EP Fleur Vosse did an incredible job producing the old and the new to create something that’s both nostalgic and fresh.
The result is a collection of music that is perfect for dancing and partying.

During the Amsterdam Dance Event 2023, Fleur Vosse was one of the headliners of “ADE Best Female DJs” at the Escape Club Amsterdam.

Fleur Vosse is a studio recording artists published by:  Redhead Publishing / CTM.