Wolffman -exclusive worldwide-

The DJ
Dutch heavyweight DJ & Producer Wolffman has an exciting legacy spanning three decades of finding his own way with an incredible versatility that you hear in every production he makes.
His shows caused a seismic shift and blazed a trail that not only revolutionized the music scene, but also set an unprecedented standard for fan interaction.
In Wolffman’s world, every moment crackles with excitement, making him in demand at festivals and clubs worldwide.

3 times #1 DJ ReverbNation
In 2016, 2017 and 2018 Wolffman conquered the No.1 position in the DJ chart of ReverbNation.

Much acclaimed producer
Wolffman’s status as an acclaimed songwriter and producer is reflected by his resumé with more than 2000 releases for various artists including over 200 single hit records, several Billboard Dance Top 50 and Top 20 songs and millions of streams. On his CV you will find hit records he produced and released with artists such as Snoop Dogg, Fat Man Scoop, Kevin Lyttle, Timati, Romanthony (Daft Punk), Conro, Rockwellers, Rod Temperton, Pitbull, D-Rashid, Plastik Funk, Ross & Iba, DeAnte, Linda Wagenmakers, Gordon, Replay, Georgina Verbaan, Freddy Moreira, Patexx, Mostaman, Baby Wally & Kevin Florez, D-Rashid, Gizmo, Dark Raver etc. Beside this all Wolffman is also responsible for countless successful radio commercials and movie soundtracks.