Tribal Kush – Redhead Publishing

Who are the characters behind Tribal Kush?
It is a comprised of two music men who came together in 2015 and started as producers for many well-known acts like: KD Sound System, Puri, Kalibandulu, Doktor, Riche Loop, Blaiz Fayah, Shermanology, Freddy Moreira, Rudimental, Major Lazer etc.
By blending different music genres together and still adding tropical ingredients, they created a unique sound which they call Tropical Bass.

Redhead Publishing controls a large catalog of Tribal Kush’s copyrights issued between 2018 – 2020 to present, control and protect these copyrights world wide.

Tribal Kush are studio recording artists published by: 
Redhead Music Publishing / CTM Publishing. Issued between 2018 – 2020